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7 000 000 000 (Seven Billion)

Hope i have  Malaysia Ringgit as much as above figure….then i will be third richest man in Malaysia…. or maybe its earth distance  from nearest stars, but  the figure refers

to human population will be achieved/already achieved this year.

Our population stands at this figure 7 billion people in the world. Sustainability is the issue now, fittest of the survival comes

in to play and each and one of us can be denominated  parts per billions like particles.

The bright area shows Human Population concentration


Statistically last 100 years is boom in human population. In 19th century human population was 1 Billion , in 20th century its 3 Billion and in the 21st century its 7 billion,

if you connect the dots human population grows exponentially. Surprisingly at every second, the time that you might take to blink your eyes or drink your saliva or

maybe a glance at the wrist watch which might take a seconds, 5 babies are born and 2 people die. More than half of the world

population lives in the city, there was 3 mega cities in 1975 and now there are 21 mega cities. So does that mean we are out of space in this world so some of us  need to go

outer space to find for new homes. Actually the world can sustain 7 billion people in terms of area or space but it’s still a challenge on how to cater food, fuel/energy and

affluence management for the 7 billions. 13% of the world population does not have a clean  water to drink but after doing maths it shows  1 billion population does not

have a clean water to drink.  That is a big problem isn’t it….




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